The Eugene Concert Choir’s mission is to engage, inspire and enrich the community through performance of choral masterworks, diverse artistic experiences, and educational outreach.


The Eugene Concert Choir is an enduring, vital part of the community which gives adult avocational singers the opportunity to perform at a professional level so that the beauty and power of choral singing is enjoyed and appreciated by all.


The Eugene Concert Choir values:

  • Artistic Achievement.  We are committed to inspiring and challenging vocal and instrumental musicians to present professional quality performance.
  • Community Engagement.  We know that the choral art reaches people of all ages and diverse interests.  We engage a wide spectrum of the community as audience for our performances, members of our performing ensembles and as participants in our outreach programs.
  • Collaboration.  We are committed to building partnerships and collaborating with colleagues, funders, organizations, other performing arts groups, and the public.
  • Fiscal Responsibility.  We are committed to maintaining a healthy financial position.
  • Lifelong Learning.  We develop choral singers and appreciative audiences by providing education to people of all ages.