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Formal auditions have concluded for the Fall of 2018. The next formal audition is scheduled for Thursday, January 3. A limited number of private auditions may be offered this fall, depending on qualifications and openings in the choirs. If you are interested in pursuing the possibility of a private audition for this fall, please send an inquiry by email to choir@eugeneconcertchoir.org after you have read the audition requirements.

Audition Requirements

The Concert Choir rehearses on Tuesday evenings, and Eugene Vocal Arts rehearses on Monday evenings, from September through May.

For a choir audition, the following is required:

1. Please prepare a solo song that shows your voice to best advantage. Classical repertoire is preferred, but any song of your choosing is acceptable. Please bring music for the accompanist. We will provide the accompanist. If you do not have a song at your audition, you will be asked to sing the “Star Spangled Banner.”

2. You will be asked to sing scales to demonstrate your range.

3. There is a requirement that you have some sight reading ability. Sight reading will be offered in two ways. First, you will be given single lines of music with a starting pitch and key, and you will sing these lines on your own. Second, you will be asked to sight sing your voice-part in a four-part choral piece while the other parts are being played.

4. For tonal memory, several examples will be played on the piano and you will be asked to sing back what you hear.

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