Diane Retallack, Artistic DirectorBOX OFFICE: 541-682-5000

“Joining together in harmony makes the world a better place.”

-Diane Retallack
Artistic Director


Research has shown that learning music facilitates learning other subjects and enhances skills that children use in other areas.

Eugene Concert Choir Outreach’s (ECCO) in-school workshops enhance music education in participating schools by offering access to high-quality music lessons.



“I sing with Eugene Vocal Arts and Eugene Concert Choir because no matter what else is happening in the world or my life I can count on music to make me feel whole again. It fills my soul.”
-Carol Snider (Left)


“My love for music and challenges is embodied in this group of fine singers, and our brilliant director. This is my joy!”
-Mary MacDiarmid


“The first time I sang a note with Eugene Vocal Arts I was shocked by the sheer welcoming and warm quality of the sound all around me!”
-Jane Beaumont Snyder


“What a joy to be a part of the Eugene Concert Orchestra and Eugene Concert Choir community creating beautiful music with good friends.”
-Colleen White

Did you know that ticket sales only cover 28% of the cost of each concert?


Since 1975 Eugene Concert Choir has performed its way to becoming a celebrated pillar of the rich cultural fabric of the Pacific Northwest—an enduring, vital part of the community that gives adult avocational singers the opportunity to perform at a professional level so that the beauty and power of choral singing are enjoyed and appreciated by all.